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Democrat Mia McCleod from Richland and Republican Jenny Horne from Dorchester have co authored a bill that would add 2 billion in new taxes to the folks of SC. 

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CJ Pearson congratulates Rudy Giuliani for telling America that our President doesn't love our country. http://youtu.be/yUtirCf-RfU Also the DHEC nominee withdraws her name from consideration for top job after going to Church. Plus an argument over what it means to not fund the Dept of Homeland Security. 

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Always fun speaking with our pal Dana Perino! Watch her tonight on her show The Five on Fox News 

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Plus Kelly attempts to put Al Sharpton and Jeff Duncan on the same side. Jeff isn't having any of that. 

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John Kerry went on Meet The Press and said he may run for President next year! What does that mean to the Dems? And in SC we select Judges as only 1 other state does. We'll look at the current way of doing business and suggest some easy changes to clean up the mess. 

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Only 4% of High School seniors can pass the test given to immigrants who want to become American citizens. We speak with Rep James Smith and his new bill to reinstall civics class for high school students. Also a major change at Harvard that shocked us. 

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We also discuss MSNBC ratings challenge, SC Statehouse in revolt against Nikki Haley, the net neutrality battle and Jonathon's love for the new plus sized model in Sports Illustrated. 

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Plus the UK has voted to allow scientists to start creating babies from 3 parents!

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