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Plus did Nikki Haley make a huge blunder with her joke? And what about an Obama Airport?  

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Plus Kelly thanks his mom. Jonathon puts Chris Christie in Hillary's pantsuit and a debate on offshore drilling in South Carolina

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Dave Schwartz the SC Director of Americans For Prosperity discusses Nikki Haley's plan to fix our roads and how it never even addresses the problem 

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Other issues today include; does free pre k help poor kids in SC or not? Should Richland County Sherrif Dept be investigating itself? What were the NC State players chanting at President Obama? 

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Congressman Mick Mulvaney calls in today to also describe what Congress needs to do different to stop President's executive actions. 

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Plus why are conservatives helping Rahm Emanuel win reelection? Also SC Democrats show how they hope to run charities out of business and replace them with more government. 

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The Government Accountability Office issued it's report on waste Monday. It's bad. 

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Dr Mick Zais was most recently our Superintendent of Education. He is also a retired General, a former West Point Professor and for 10 years the President of Newberry College. An institution that when he became President, was in a similar position as South Carolina State University finds itself. 7 years into his tenure there Newberry made the list of best colleges in America and has stayed there since. We spoke to Mick about his thoughts on SCSU. 

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Plus a new Winthrop poll reveals what South Carolinian's feel is the biggest issues in our state. Also Kelly argues that Obama didn't lie to get Obamacare passed, only to get reelected. 

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Plus Columbia wants to raise taxes 1.2 billion for bike paths. 

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